Learn-to-Row Programs

Our sculling sessions are taught by  experienced rowers and coaches. All have an enthusiasm and commitment to the sport of rowing that they are eager to share with others.

Participants in the program are taught the basics of boat handling and water safety on dry land or on the dock. However, the vast majority of time is spent on the lake. Participants will experience sculling in a stable, recreational rowing shell. Often participants will row in a double scull with an experienced oarsperson. The program is specifically designed to work with your individual progress and comfort level.


When: TBA

Cost: TBA

Where: All sessions will be at the Lake Waukewan boat launch in Meredith.

What to bring to practice everyday:

  •  Plenty of water in an easy to use water bottle
  •  Socks to bring in the boat with you
  •  Shoes that can get wet in case we walk the boat in at the ramp
  •  Sneakers in case we are dry land practicing
  •  A towel in case you get wet and a change of clothes for the same reason
  •  Wear clothing that isn't too loose to avoid catching on any parts of the boat
  •  Sunscreen if you burn easily
  •  Sunglasses or hat to protect your eyes from the glare off the water