Welcome to the Winnipesaukee Rowing Club

The Winnipesaukee Rowing Club was established to offer area youth and adults an opportunity to participate in one of the most rewarding activities available. Our members represent every level of skill, with most never having rowed before joining our club.

This web site offers information on our history, membership, coaching, equipment, and general rowing news. The club is run by volunteers and is owned by its members.

Recreational programs are central to a healthy community. They offer opportunities for fellowship, sportsmanship, discipline, learning, pleasure, and personal and communal development. Rowing is an eco-sensitive, life-long activity that nurtures a healthy body, mind, and spirit, and contributes volumes to the cultural depth of a community.

Since the day in 1852 when Harvard and Yale competed in the first ever intercollegiate athletic event on Lake Winnipesaukee, there has been an echo in the hills to keep rowing alive among the lakes of central New Hampshire. The Winnipesaukee Rowing Club does just that. We have resurrected a sport that left the region decades ago, and with the enthusiasm of our membership we will keep it alive.

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Winnipesaukee Rowing Club

P.O. Box 1165

Meredith, NH 03253

Phone: 603-630-8351 or 603-279-5720

Email: info@rowwinni.org